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GSM Droid is a useful tool for those who need to manage devices controlled by GSM modules that accept commands via SMS, DTMF (Dual-tone multi-frequency) or calls.

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GSM Droid Pro

These are some applications:
– Alarm unit
– dialers
– Security Systems for home, car, etc.
– Home Automation
– Industrial Automation
– Smart metering
– Remote control systems
– Remote control of the answering machine
– Speed Dial for IVRs (Interactive Voice Response) and call center

GSMDroid allow you to:
– store different sets of commands for various GSM modules
– create a variety of devices and assign each a different set of commands
– modify a command before sending
– protect access to the application through a password
– store sms sent and received by the devices
– backup application database
– make a phone call to GSM devices
– send DTMF tones (key sequences encoded in multi-frequency)

Touching “Settings” icon, you will see the configuration page. From here you can use the menu “Command Sets” to create or edit command sets, the menu “GSM Devices” to create or modify the devices you want to control, by entering a name for the device, the number of its sim card and a set of commands to use.
On setting the command, you can choose between SMS, DTMF or call.
Finally, from the “Password” menu, you can prevent unauthorized access to the application by setting a password and a security level.
You can also backup and restore the application database.
To send the command, simply select a device from the list of GSM devices and then the name given to the command to be sent. You can also change the command on the fly before sending it.

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NB some IVR systems require a pause between two successive tones, in order to be processed. Just enter between one character and the other in the DTMF string, one or more commas. A comma inserts a pause of 2 seconds.

The application is compatible with all GSM systems, the following list of brands is as an example:
Cinterion, SIMCom, Bentel, Wavecom, Telit, Garmin, CEP, Ontech, Telic, Huawei, Matrix, RF Solutions, Sierra Wireless, Fracarro, Eurogsm, Combimax, Trevis, Tecnoalarm, Siemens, etc.

If you have suggestions for improving the application or bug reports, please contact me via e-mail. Please if you have any problems with the application, before leaving negative feedback, please contact me and I will try to solve them.

If you are a manufacturer of GSM modules and you are interested in having a customized version of GSM Droid with your logo, please contact me via mail.

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Requires Android : 4.0 and up

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