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It’s been a while since we’ve had a honest to goodness leak of a Sonic game. But we have a new one thanks to Gameloft’s customer care site. The site has a support page dedicated to Sonic Runners Adventure, a yet to be announced follow-up to the 2015 game Sonic Runners.

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Sonic Runners Adventure

In case you missed out on it: Sonic Runners was a free endless runner for mobile devices developed by Sonic Team that had its servers shut down last year. Like our review of the game describes it, it was a solid game buried under a large amount of technical issues and scummy gambling mechanics. Going by the support page for Adventure though, it may be what the original game should have been.

Said support page mentions a number of changes from the original game. Including:

While the original Runners required an internet connection at all times, Adventure will only require it when starting the game for the first time. After that the game can be played offline.
There are now three different kinds of level types: Finite, Looped, and Infinite.
Finite levels require you to reach a finish line to finish the level.
Looped levels are short levels that repeat for several laps, where you need to reach the end of the last lap.
Infinite levels are endless and require you to complete all available goals to finish them.
It looks like the levelling system has been overhauled. While you could level up characters in the original Runners up to level 100, characters in Adventure will already be fully levelled up at level 5.
Characters are now part of teams, which include Hero, Chaotix, and Dark. Each having an unique skill that’s triggered after collecting 300 rings.
The original game’s gambling mechanics appear to be gone, and instead characters can now be unlocked by buying them with rings.
Special stages make an appearance, and in this iteration you fly and collect rings.
There’s a new Timed Mode, where the level ends when the timer reaches 0.
In Finite and Infinite levels there are moments where the camera angle will change to showcase stunts.

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Requires Android : 4.0 and up

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v1.1.0 + Mod Money APK
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