ApkModifier v1.4.2 APK

AdvancedLocationDetector (GPS) v6.1.0 (Paid) APK
Apk Downloader v1.17 Adfree APK
App Master (Uninstall/Backup) v3.1.107 [Pro] APK
AdAway v2.9.2 Build-Mar.21.2015 APK
App Manager v3.80 [Donated] APK

ApkModifier is a new generation of Apk editing software!

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We all used Luo Mao wood apk editor bar, nearly eight years ago began to publish, at that time, his Apk editor can be described as unique. I was still his user, his apk editor interface can be described as classic, and now still have to use a nostalgic feeling.

However, ApkEditor seems to have been unable to edit the current software, and many open error, do not support Andrews 5.0 or above, for which I made a software interface is simple, powerful than ApkEditor.

This software have very smal size, can be described as “sparrow is small, fully-equipped”, the software does not have any payment function, all the purposes are interested.

1. File manager functions (copy, cut, paste, delete, rename)
2. Zip manager, in the open compressed file, you can move to the internal files, modify, and no confirmation is not saved.
3. Signature Apk
4. so library file symbol name editor (can modify the symbol name in so, but can ensure that the symbol name of the hash table is properly repaired, if you want to clone an apk, if the package has a so-so package name, which Played a role)
5. Zipalign compressed packet byte alignment
6. Apk coexistence
7. Res resource file confusion (whether to view the QQ package inside the file and found no res folder, only r folder, in fact, he is using a similar encryption)
8. Decompile and compile back Dex file (phone-side apktool can, but the installation package is very large)
9. Apk files and pictures can show thumbnails
10.arsc, dex, xml String constant editing

App Screenshots :


Requires Android : 2.2 and up

What’s New (Updated – January 12, 2017)
1. File management to support multi-select operation
2. Optimization of string constant pool search method
3. Settings Add theme selection, you can select the native theme and nostalgia theme
4. Other small optimization

Download Size : 506 KB(APK)