Rocket Music Player Premium v2.4.0.8

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Rocket Music Player Premium

Rocket Music Player was designed with both the easy and advanced listener in mind. The easy to use interface allows you to browse to the music you want to hear faster without getting bogged down in details and extra buttons.
Additionally, advanced options give you an opportunity to create your own music listening experience with quick playlist editing and a dynamic equalizer.
This free version contains key features focused on streamlining your music player interaction including:
☆ Browse and play your music by albums, artists, genres, songs, podcasts, folder, videos and playlists
☆ Video browser and player
☆ Play or Shuffle by albums, artists, genres, songs, podcasts, folders, videos and playlists
☆ Batch operations
☆ Embedded lyrics support
☆ Remove unused media tabs
☆ Tag editing
☆ 5 band graphic equalizer (Android 2.3+)
☆ Programmable sleep timer
☆ Create and edit playlists within the player
☆ Fade in and out when playing and stopping songs
☆ Controllable lockscreen
☆ Podcast bookmarking
☆ 4×1 and 4×2 widget
☆ Support for most scrobbling apps
☆ Themes
When combined with iSyncr, an app for syncing your iTunes music with your Android device, Rocket Player allows you to:
☆ Sync new playlists and playlist changes back to iTunes
☆ Sync podcast bookmarks to and from iTunes
☆ Sync song ratings to and from iTunes
☆ iSyncr Live Lists dynamically update while playing
☆ Sync video play counts
To take your music listening to the next level, upgrade Rocket Player with the Rocket Player Premium Unlocker. The Premium version unlocks the following features:
☆ Support for more audio formats: Apple Lossless (alac), APE (ape), Musepack (mpc), Free Lossless Audio Codec (flac), True Audio (tta), Waveform Audio File (wav), WavePack (wv) and Windows Media Audio Non-Lossless (wma)
☆ Album art downloading
☆ 10 band graphic equalizer
☆ Limiter
☆ Assign an equalizer preset to a song, genre, playlist, artist, album, or podcast
☆ Preamp
☆ Right/Left balance control
☆ Replay Gain
☆ Gapless playback
☆ Crossfading
☆ Albums marked gapless in iTunes will play gapless when used with iSyncr
☆ Start/stop time from iTunes is used when used with iSyncr

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App Screenshots :

Requires Android : 2.1 and Up

What’s New (Updated – August 7, 2013)
* Version 2.4.0
** NEW: Delete the currently playing song
** NEW: Create a dynamic Live List based on your libraries stats
** NEW: “Up Next” feature to insert songs into the currently playing queue
** NEW: “Sticky Shuffle” keeps shuffle on until you turn it off
** NEW: “Go to Artist” and “Go To Album” for the current song
** NEW: Change the default action for several views to lower the number of clicks for your favorite action
** ISSUE: Fixed disappearing “Now Playing” issue in 2.3.
** and more!
Download Size : 4.96 MB(APK)