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Easily manage text messages in a new and up to date format compliant with the Android!

Sliding Messaging Pro v6.603 APK Sliding Messaging Pro v6
Sliding Messaging Pro

Easily manage text messages in a new and up to date format compliant with the Android design guidelines and visually based on the stock messaging app from Google, with added features.
– Easily switch between conversations by dragging out the sliding menu on the left side of the screen.
– Start a new conversation by sliding out the menu on the right side of the screen
– Manage old messages with a single click
– Choose between light and dark themes
– Limited MMS support
– Emoji support
– Adjust text size and control notifications and theme though settings
– Quick reply popup
– Multi-window support for Galaxy Note
– Light Flow support
Pro Features:
– Currently limited MMS support (future improvement definitely coming though)
– Lots more coming in the future 🙂
If you are having problems receiving notifications, you may need to uninstall 3rd party messengers such as GoSMS.
When using this app, do not disable the stock messaging app as I use it to permanently save messages to the phone. You can however, disable notifications for it so that you don’t receive 2 of them.
App Screenshots :

Sliding Messaging Pro v6.603 APK lU49nAaD14 T69ViOKCRmh YrhBlCoOoyqgiMeT91QR uAAF6bC7QrmEt0tj1q4Q7gA Sliding Messaging Pro v6.603 APK RoVdRSjWFxYcMmDhhM6 1RfySMHvoAQ2lBnktk1J6kuJZZx11q5oHSlXNc 4LYjYCg
Sliding Messaging Pro v6.603 APK clFFnaTngQ1VmXqaODj3s 3lBRzj30kziuyPDPPziYERzBpwLjWiHacEKo4wpb1iGeE Sliding Messaging Pro v6.603 APK  ZtD0UoPoIB7QqJJB2FwzZfxL1DSWuY AslxRB4YIFtKvAxurpNqvhXff739EgGUDBY
Requires Android : 4.0 and Up
What’s in this version : (Updated : Jul 23, 2013)

– MMS fixes (this should finally fix up displaying images)
– Better in-app notifications for hangouts and classic UIs
– New emoticons
– New scale-in sending and receiving animation
– Better support for viewing video and audio MMS messages
– Option to disable drafts
– Option to remove numbers from the widget
– Drag to reorder templates
– Mark all conversations as read overflow menu option
– Faster emoji load time when inserting
– Performance improvements
– UI improvements
– Bug fixes

Download Size : 5.41 MB

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