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Alice is your personal assistant.

Alice can help you do things quickly and easily. 
With Alice, Android users get a helpful assistant at hand, which understands more than just commands.
You can have a conversation with Alice, give her instructions or ask for general terms of information.
Currently Alice can assist you with following functions
Call, SMS, Email, Translation, Navigation, Alarm, Timer, App Launcher, Calculator, Facebook, Websearch, Weather, Search images.. and many many more.
You can also define your own commands with Alice and you have the opportunity to control devices which are accessible via a web interface.
Additional to the lite version: Calendar, Play Music / Videos and Receiver Control for Enigma2, Dialog-Mode, Listen in Background.
Alice knows a lot and is constantly learning new things, some examples:
– Do I need Sunglasses?
– How far is it from New York to San Fransisco?
– How high is the Eiffel tower?
– How is the movie Inception?
– Do you know any good games?
– What is the stock price of Google?
– Do I have unread messages?
– Director of Inception
– Zap to CNN
– Set up a meeting on monday at 12 o’clock coffee with Megan
– How does my day look on friday?
– Play Whitney Houston – Step by step
– Show me my pictures
– How’s the weather?
– Call John Smith
– Send a message to John i’m coming later
– Wake me up in half an hour
– What is 5 + 7 * 3
– How many contacts do I have?
– How many songs do I have?
– Set Timer for 20 seconds
– What’s the definition of aspirin
– Translate into german hello how are you
– Start WhatsApp
– What is 5 meters in miles
– Do you know Barack Obama
– Navigate me to the next McDonald’s
– Make the light on
– Show me New York on the map
– How many contacts do i have? 
– Post on Facebook what’s up?
– Search for pizzeria in New York
– Who is Angela Merkel?
– Mute / Silent 
– Navigate to New York
– What is the capital of Germany
– How many people live in Berlin?
– How old is Rihanna?
– When is her birthday?
– Show me a picture of Michael Jackson
– etc…
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Compared in the internet with: Apple Siri, Google Now, Svoice, Nuance Dragon Go, AVX, Speaktoit, Alicoid, Alpha, Vlingo, Evi, Voice Actions, Voice Search, Omega, Cluzee, Maluuba, Iris, Skyvi, utter, Jeannie, EVA Intern.

App Screenshots:

Requires Android : 2.2 and Up

What’s in this version:
– App restructure
– Revised design
– Improved performance, wakeup function, places, what time is it, movie information, knowledge base …
– Punctuation can be dictated at SMS / Facebook / Email
– Manager: Define command groups and start with an alarm clock. PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE NEW INSTRUCTION TO KNOW HOW YOU CAN USE IT!
– If you have installed offline speech recognition you can use a lot of functions also offline for example: Call, message, alarm, calendar, timer, … If any function required a internet connection the app enable and disable the internet automatically. (selectable)
– Speech button layouts selectable via swipe (Swipe the Button to left / right)
– App Recommendations: Recommend me some good games / I’m bored
– Facebook/Email with layout
– Fixed call in speaker mode
– Balloon animation (selectable)
– Stock information (What is the stock price of Yahoo?)
– Show me the trailer of (Movie)
– Show me movies with (Actor)
– What’s on at the cinema?
– Recommend me good movies
– What movies are coming soon in the cinema?
– Video search: Show me videos of (Keyword)
– Do I have unread messages?
– Show me the last message which I have received?
– Show me the last message of (Person)?
– Show me the contact of (Contact)
– Birthplaces: Where was (Person) born?
– Gender: What is the gender of (Person)?
– Height / Size: How tall/big is (Country/Person/Mountain/Building)?
– Weight: What is the weight of (Person)?
– Parents: What are the parents of (Person)?
– Siblings: What are the siblings of (Person)?
– Children: What are the names of (Person) children?
– Date of Death: When is (Person) died?
– Place of death: Where is (Person) died?
– Spouse: What is the name of the spouse of (Person)?
– Nationality: What is the nationality of (Person)?
– Books: What books did (Person) written?
– Date of construction: When was the construction of the (Building)?
– Floors: How many floors does (Building) have?
– Opening Day: When was the opening day of (Building)?
– Total cost: What were the total costs of (Building)?
– Architects: Who was the architect of (Building)?
– Architecture: What is the architectural style of (Building)?
– Gross domestic product: What is the gross domestic product of (Country)?
– Form of government: What is the form of government of (Country)?
– Elavation: What is the elevation of (Ort)?
– Currency: Which currency has (Country)?
– TLD: What is the top level domain of (Country)?
– Provinces/states: How many provinces/states are (Country) have?
– Fertility rate: What is the fertility rate in (Country)?
– Life expectancy: What is the life expectancy in (Country)?
– Country code: What is the country code of (Country)?
– Language: What languages ??are spoken in (Country)?
– Rate of unemployment: What is the unemployment rate in (Country)?
– River length: How long is the (River)?
– Mouth: In which sea does the (River) flows?
– Company leadership: What is the name of the head of (Company)?
– Employee: How many employees does (Company) have?
– Founder: Who founded (Company)?
– Date of foundation: When was (Company) founded?
– Place of founding: Where was (Company) founded?
– Headquarters: Where is the headquarters of (Company)?
– Navigation now possible with Sygic
– Change language with voice: Speak german with me
– Dialog mode activated by language: Enable dialog mode
– Select language independently of the system language
– Multiwindow
– Swipe Home-Button to launch the app (Jelly Bean)
– Bluetooth Bug fixed
– Take a picture / Record a video / Record audio
– Read clipboard
– many Bugfixes
Download Size : 3.03 MB