Perfect Piano & Drumkit

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Play piano and drum-kit with realistic instrument sounds.

Perfect Piano – v5.7.9
Use this app to learn to play piano and drumkit with realistic instrument sounds.

1. Support Full Keyboards of Piano.
2. Single Row Mode.
3. Dual Row Mode.
4. Multi-Touch.
5. Touch pressure detecting.
6. Record and Playback. Audio only or full piano action.
7. Key width adjustment.
8. Learn to play mode.(Preload 70 Sample songs) 
9. Sharing recordings to friends.
10. Learn to play sample songs downloadable. More songs are uploading.
11. 5 Keyboards instruments effect: Piano, Music Box, Organ, Rhodes, Synth.

Drum Pad:
1. Play Along feature: Play beats while playback your favorite mp3.
2. 5 Drum Instruments effect: Jazz, Rock, HipHop, Percussion, Dance.
3. Auto play mode: Using 2 finger to spread on a drum will trigger auto play mode: 6 speed level
4. Learn Demo Beats: Rock, Ballad, ChaCha, Disco, Latin Rock, Polka, Waltz etc.

5. Multi-Touch; Recording and Playback etc.

App Screenshots :

Requires Android : 2.2 and Up