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This program will be a good helper to you to control your expenses and income.

If you want to control your expenses and income, and always know how much was spent and received in the past day, week, month or year, this program will be a good helper to you.
You can find out how much you spend money every day. You can create a variety of wallets and cards to control the balance of cash, balance on credit card in a safe or in the bank.
You can create groups and sub-groups that can help you find out which area is the largest nursing or parish funds. Also, you can view a variety of graphic statements of your savings.
Main functions:
– Keeping purses adding icons.
– Managing groups, sub-groups, etc. With the addition of icons.
– Keeping parishes and loss bound to wallets and groups.
– Conducting money transfers between wallets.
– View the report daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.
– View the schedule of change of day, week, month and year.
– View the report on expenses and incomes with a grouping for a selected period.
– View the report on expenses and incomes with a partition on the wallets for the selected period.
– View a pie chart of expenses and incomes with grouping for a selected period.
– View the total expenses of the parish and loss for the chosen period.
– Import and export database to a file.
– Set a password for entry the program.
– Change the theme, background image and time format.
Differences from the free version:
– No advertising.
Planned additions:
– Sync with accounts facebook, Google,
– Sync to the cloud (all data on the server).
– Adding currencies.
We will be glad if you let us know of your suggestions to improve the program.
Tags: purse, money, expenses, revenues, earnings, salary, allowance money, savings, balance, savings, free
App Screenshots:


Requires Android : 2.1 and Up

What’s in this version:

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1. Added value “without group” in the report window when viewing the total cost into the selected group.
2. Fixed display of date and time in the archive files when recovery.
3. Fixed some errors in the database is restored.

4. Increased the maximum value of the input amount for operations and wallets.

Download Size : 1.88 MB